Pickleball Instructional Tips

The Only Guide You Need Before Buying Another Pickleball Paddle

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Touch Short Game

Hold the paddle like a baby bird

Short backswing / big shoulder turn

The lower the ball the more the paddle is open

Hit Angles to open the middle of the court

Forehand Ground Stroke

The sooner you get your paddle back the sooner you’re ready.

Your best shot is hitting off your front foot.

Where the paddle face is pointing at contact is where the ball goes.

Backhand Ground Stroke

A big shoulder turn will help you get your paddle back.

Start preparing by the time the ball gets to the net.

Paddle face open for a slice return.

Your best shot is off your front foot.


Paddle up and elbows out

Short backswing and big shoulder turn

Use your left hand to help keep your paddle up


Have a target picked out.

Take your time, you are in control.

Variety is very important in your serve.

Return of Serve

The faster the serve the shorter the backswing.

Move forward as you make contact.

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