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Pickleball Changed My Life

My name is Stacie. In early 2017, I was a 28-year-old single woman living in West Palm Beach, Florida, and working full-time as a business lawyer, which means that I was available 24/7/365 to help clients buy and sell businesses, enter into multi-million-dollar relationships, and otherwise make money and stay out of trouble.

Indoor pickleball facility coming to Chantilly

OK, Boomers (and others looking for a little exercise), get ready to pickleball to your heart’s content. The D.C. region’s very first indoor pickleball facility is coming to Chantilly, Virginia.

Are You Really Retired if You Don’t Play Pickleball?

Kathleen Ching is a self-identified “pickleball-aholic.” She’s far from alone. The retired former court reporter hits the pickleball courts in tranquil Hermosa Beach, California, just about every day.

Why A 72-Year-Old Man Started Teaching Pickleball In Prisons

Roger BelAir is a 72-year-old from Edmonds, Washington. In 2011, he fell in love with a sport called pickleball.

Pickleball-bar Hybrid Slated For Manchester

When scouting sites in Richmond for their new business idea, Charlottesville residents Barrett Worthington and Megan Charity noticed something about Manchester…

Local Pickleball club gets feel of new courts

Pickleball association members flocked to Steen Sport Park Thursday afternoon to get the first feel of the park’s six new pickleball courts, which can accommodate 24 players at a time.

Central Coast Living: As local pickleball grows, so does the number of courts to play on

It’s the fastest growing sport you may have never heard of. Now the local players of pickleball have new dedicated courts to play on in San Luis Opispo.

Pickleball New Craze Invades Beach Cities

In 1965, three Bainbridge Island, WA dads – Joel Pritchard, Bill Bell and Barney McCallum, whose children were bored with their usual summertime activities,  – put their heads together to create the newest craze that is sweeping across the US and Canada.

In the early years the game had no name but as it progressed in popularity one soon became necessary…

Here’s why Hank Haney was at the PGA Show preaching the gospel of … pickleball?!

ORLANDO — The most interesting thing I saw at the PGA Merchandise Show wasn’t a hands-free push cart, virtual-reality golf goggles or even that hulking robotic swing-groover thingy endorsed by — who else? — Bryson DeChambeau.

Nope, the most interesting thing I saw was Hank Haney playing pickleball.

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